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Awaken You Program Cover By Edwina Image

Awaken You with Edwina Taylor

Awaken You With Edwina Taylor

Awaken You Program By Edwina Image

What is the Awaken You program?

A journey into your spiritual self. We all get stuck in our heads and it’s hard to work out what the next step in life is.

The Awaken You program is about opening up to a different perspective, looking at things at a different angle.

Learning how to;

The awaken You program is about giving you the tools to empower yourself to heal, connect and trust the process.

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The person running the program

Edwina Taylor is a highly spiritual/intuitive person.

Edwina is a counselor who is currently studying psychology (at a university in Perth). Her work and personal life is all based around a spiritual practice.

Embrace your inner weirdo

Embrace your inner weirdo

The program Awaken You is awakening that weirdo in you.

From what Edwina is learning, there is a lot to be said for vulnerability. Being open and vulnerable about a story, or something that has happened to you, saying that it also gives the other person permission to share what’s going on in their life.

A lot of people these days hold back from their spiritual side because they are afraid of what people will think, say, or judge them for.

So connecting to your inner weirdo is also awakening that spiritual side in you so that you can connect to your inner guidance.

The power of listening to your inner guidance.

The power of listening to your inner guidance.

When we are not being true to ourselves, we are not connecting to our inner guidance.

Your inner guidance is similar to when a person tells you that a negative outcome will occur if you continue going on the same path you are on.

The only difference is the person telling you about the outcome is your gut.

The program is about awakening your inner guidance, learning how to trust what the gut says. When the brain goes, ‘I need money, I need work, I need experience’, but your gut is going, ‘no, this is not the right thing to do’.

If you listen to your head over your gut, you soon realize that the outcome you choose to deal with is just a pain, hard work, and really not worth it.

If you listen to your gut, you follow the right path.

Awaken You Program Cover By Edwina Image

Before you sign up

If you take the tools on board, they will see great changs, but if you don’t want to do the work, you are not ready to sign up.

The plan of the program

The plan of the program

Edwina’s goal is to;

The more they feel connected to their inner guidance system, the more it awakens them to be confident, authentic, and stand easily in a yes or no.

Why should I sign up?

Why should I sign up?

If you are stuck in your head and you don’t want to be. If you would like to become more connected and focussed then that would be one of the main reasons why you would try the Awaken Me program.

Because you want to feel more connected to your heart.

Plus you learn the tools you can use every day (that doesn’t take up too much time), to help you achieve;

Who is this program for?

Who is this program for?

A lot of women on a fertility journey will do this program. They are so far into their heads that they have lost connection to their body. So they are so disconnected to their bodies. Usually the women that would be attracted to do this program would be in their 30’s or 40’s.

But do have a few men that do the program (spiritually minded/want their eyes open).

In a space where they are stuck and they are not making the right decisions, or feel that they cannot find direction.

How can this program save me money?

How can this program save me money?

If you are constantly making the wrong decisions, then you’re doing it from the wrong headspace.

Example 1 - Trying to conceive

Example 1 - Trying to conceive

Let’s say you are trying to conceive. A round of IVF is around seven thousand dollars, depending on what clinic you are at. You have just done a round and it has failed.

So the doctors have said, we can go again next month and you go “Okay”.

So you sign up for that round, and you don’t get any eggs out of that one. That’s a lot of money you have spent.

So, how will this program help you save money?

If you are more connected to your body, your heart, what it is you want, what feels right, more connected to your inner guidance, and intuition, rather than what the doctor is telling you, or the fact that you need to do another round. It has to work, right?

Then you go, “Hang on, I’m going to hold off from doing another round. I’m going to wait a month or two before I get into the right headspace.”

So you are going to save yourself around seven thousand dollars by not doing it again, and in that time off, all of the tools and techniques that Edwina is teaching you will help you become;

You might even have a rest and go “I’m still not ready”. Or you might be like “I’m in the right place now”, and you get some eggs and you fertilize them, and you actually get babies out of them.

So that’s how Edwina will save you money. When you make bad decisions from your headspace, they lead to a money loss.

Example 2 - Running a business

Example 2 - Running a business

Just say your intuition said, don’t go with that client, but you did it anyway.

The client turned out to be a pain.

They took up your time by calling all the time, emailing you all the time, abusing you, making late payments all the time. All those things, right.

If you had just listened to your intuition and done the program, this would have never happened.

You are also blocking your energy by saying, “Yeah, give me more of them. Give me more of those arrogant people because I will accept them”.

If you have done the program and picked up the techniques of;

Yes, you may have given up on that five grand job, but by doing so, you have more time to get work off people you really want to work with, and I have earned fifteen grand instead.

So that’s how you will save money.

If you clear out your sacral chakra (where money comes from), which you will learn in week 5, everything sits in your belly.

So if your belly is filled with;

It’s got to be open to see what you really want to do, because it’s going to keep blocking.

If you open that up, imagine the prospects, imagine how much money you could make being a business owner, imagine if you cleared that and you had the tools to be in alignment with what your heart wanted, and you trusted that.

Go on. Look at Edwina’s business. She has a very good business because she has followed her heart.

How much time could I save doing your program?

How much time could I save doing your program?

What if you could make a decision a lot quicker than having to sit with it for a week “um’ing and arr’ing”. Like what if you could make that decision straight away. How would that impact you?

The videos of this program each are 40 minutes to an hour, then there are all sorts of different things you can do.

Let’s put it this way, If you are stressed out, and you’re pushing, and pushing, and pushing.

How much time could you waste on doing something that is not working for you?

So what if you had a technique that you could go “This isn’t working, I’m going to do that technique that Edwina taught me, that will only take me 5 minutes and then I’m going to come back to this”.

What if you could sage the room, make a cup of tea, shake it off with some techniques that you do, then come back, then you are more productive.

If you keep pushing at something, like against a brick wall, you could waste hours down that rabbit hole.

But if you had the tools or techniques it could save you loads of time and you would be so much more productive.

What could I do with that time that I am saving?

What could I do with that time that I am saving?

If you had an extra two hours a week, what would you do with that?

Where are you not giving to yourself? There is a whole week on that in the program figuring out where to give to yourself.

What are some of the things you don’t do, but would fulfill you, because you don’t have enough time, or enough energy?

For example, you could be;

Ask yourself “In that time you saved, what is it that you are lacking in your life now?”

How would you want to spend your time?

What techniques can you learn from the program?

What techniques can you learn from the program?

The more connected you are to yourself, and the more you listen to yourself, the more techniques you will lose, will help you.

They are easy techniques like;

What is one thing I don’t have to do anymore once I’m on the program?

What is one thing I don’t have to do anymore once I’m on the program?

You won’t have to worry about the future.

What physical pain could the program eliminate?

What physical pain could the program eliminate?

A lot. Week two explains it in more detail!

How does the program eliminate worry?

How does the program eliminate worry?

What if you could actually trust yourself?

What do you think worry comes from?

Worry comes from;

How can the program make me feel more comfortable?

How can the program make me feel more comfortable?

The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more comfortable you will be with life.

The more you connect with your body and understand it, you can recognize when things are not aligning right, you are not connecting with people, and your energy is just like;

“No, this person ain’t great”.

The more you connect with that, it’s going to help you feel more comfortable in yourself.

How can the program help me feel more alive?

How can the program help me feel more alive?

If you are not bogged down with things and following what your inner guidance is telling you to do, then you will feel more alive.

How can the program help me be more healthy?

How can the program help me be more healthy?

In the program we go over diet and exercise, and explain why they are really important in awakening yourself, raising your vibrations, and who you attract and manifest in your life.

Awaken You Program Cover By Edwina Image

How do I sign up for the program?

You can sign up for the Awaken You program on the website.

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That sums up the list

Feel free to share this if it was helpful, or link to it on your blog/website. If you need assistance with any of the above tips, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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