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Web design FAQs

Can I have a website if I am outside of Australia?

Yes, of course. We can interact online using Zoom, email, Skype, or Discord. English is our primary language though (we are however practicing Spanish on Duolingo!).

Can you setup an online store?

Yes, we do. We use Squarespace, Shopify, Square, Stripe, and Paypal to build it and we design it to be unique.

How long does it take to build a website?

A website takes anywhere between 3-5 weeks to build. E-Commerce can take anywhere between 5-8 weeks.

What is responsive website design?

Responsive website design is when a website is designed for not just your desktop, but for your smart phone, iPhone, and tablet devices too. We design websites to be responsive at Framemark Web Design.

What is the difference between a professional website and an amateur website?

What is the difference between a professional website and an amateur website?

A professional website complements the brand. It is tested to work on all devices;

Mobile, tablet, iPhone, desktop, and it’s tested thoroughly to eliminate all errors! An amateur website is designed for the website owner. A professional website is designed for the website owners’ clients.

A professional website is designed to stand out and to send a strong, clear message.

What is the process behind building a website?

There are six steps we take to get your website running on desktop, tablet, mobile, and looking professional. They can be found by clicking here.

What other services are included with getting a website?

We offer website maintenance, backups, social media integration, phone support, website security, and assistance on getting your website.

What ways can I contact you?

Nowadays we cannot meet in person. But a video call using Zoom, Skype, Discord, or a phone call will suffice.

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