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Yes, we do. We use Squarespace, Stripe, and Paypal to build it and we design it to be unique. The only stores we do not build are Ebay styled multi-user marketplaces.
Nowadays we cannot meet in person. But a video call using Zoom, Skype, or a phone call will suffice.
A basic website with no 
shopfront, no setup 
issues, including we have 
been provided with all 
the content to start…
takes a minimum 
of 3 weeks.
Yes, of course. We can interact online using Zoom, email, Skype, or Discord. English is our primary language though (we are however practicing Spanish on Duolingo!).
It is optimising your website’s performance so your will be seen on Google. The better your SEO, the better your chance to appear toward the top of a search result.
We offer website maintenance, backups, social media integration, phone support, website security, and assistance on getting your website more noticed on Google search results.

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