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Idea step guide

Ever come up with an idea, but unsure if it will work?

We came up with an idea to guide you through a step by step process as to what to do with your idea and how to test it.

Below you will find a step by step guide.

Step 1 - Feedback stage

See your idea from a new perspective. Test it with harsh, honest, and trusting critics (Your family or close friends) and see if your idea stands.

Step 2 - Test the waters

If your idea made it past the dinner table, the next plan of action is to test out the idea. Put the idea into a short trial period to see if it will give you results over a realistic period of time. Once the trial has been a success, you should get feedback from it (by family and friends) to apply to the finalised idea.

Step 3 - Action

Put the idea into action. You should feel more confident about your idea now.