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7 reasons pro photography can give your website an amazing advantage

7 reasons professional photography can give your website an amazing advantage

10 reasons why professional photography can give you an unfair advantage image

1. It gives you a professional image

Customers are good at determining what a quality photo is over what isn't. Having quality professional photography can help you sell;

It sets a level of standard for your brand.

2. Have a competitive edge

There is a lot of content out there! Nowadays it is a piece of cake to do it yourself. With a phone anyone can be a photographer.

But if you have professional photography displayed on your website, you can stand out from the crowd and have a competitive edge.

3. Brand consistency

Professional and modern websites that have photography that is consistent in colour, position, and size will compliment your brand better than photos that are not consistent.

You can have different background colours for your services/products, but make sure they align with your brand.

Show don't tell image

4. Show don't tell

Good photography can back up the quality of your brand. It is easy to say how good you are.

Show them how good you are instead.

identity image

5. Photography is a part of your brand identity

Photography can incorporate;

It is an important part of your brand that can make your business unique.

Audience gets to know you image

6. Your audience gets to know you

Don't hide behind your camera.

Be you, be authentic. Professional photographs of you in your business can build trust and authority.

Direct Traffic To website image

7. Direct traffic to your website

Posting professional photography on social media can be a great way of channeling traffic to your website. Generating more brand awareness.

People can also be more inclined to click on a professional and unique photograph on Google Images that will take you to your website, than a standard stock image.

Make sure your pictures are a professional standard that compliment your brand.

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Need professional photography?

Contact Abram R Photography now! He will be able to help (especially you are located in the Shepparton or surrounding areas).

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That sums up the list

Feel free to share this if it was helpful, or link to it on your blog/website. If you need assistance with any of the above tips, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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