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10 reasons why video can give your website an unfair advantage

10 reasons why video can give your website an unfair advantage

They tell your story image

1. They tell your story

Show, don’t tell. Films are one of the best ways to tell a story. They incorporate;

It does not matter if you are a serviced based (or product based) business, telling your story through video can answer the following questions your potential customers are wondering;

Help your customers convey emotions image

2. Help your customers convey emotions

Films can breathe some life into the business. Video can help drive that sale online with emotions. What kind of emotion do you want to drive? What kind of feeling do you want them to feel?

Video can help your audience feel inspired, pumped, energized, and more!

Build trust image

3. Videos build trust

Mainly because they get to hear/see an inside of who they are doing business with. Gaining this level of trust is important when they are about to do business with you. Video can help gain trust, because the audience sees;

Increase conversion rates image

4. They increase conversion rates

A video can help your customers perform an action on your website. This is why it is important to create a call to action at the end of your videos asking for what you want.

Whether it be signing up to the newsletter, making a purchase, or requesting a quotation.

Keep customers on the website longer disco party image

5. Keep customers on the website longer

Videos can decrease the website's bounce rate. Customers can learn about you quicker with video, and gain more trust seeing the real you. This is why there is often a “welcome” or “company” video on the home page.

Increases your Google ranking image

6. Increases your Google ranking

You can create a video that targets keywords your ideal dream customers are searching on Google and improve your Google ranking.

Make sure you do not upload the videos directly to the website's server, as it can slow down the site (negatively impacting your Google ranking). We recommend uploading to YouTube or Vimeo, then embedding them on your website.

Have a good strategic plan in place. Have a video that increases a Google ranking.

Video ads bring potential customers to your website image

7. Video ads bring potential customers to your website

When creating ads on social media, it is important to have a hook (grab their attention with a thumbnail that stands out, video headline, and the first 3 seconds of the clip), a story, and a call to action.

After the video is created, you can then target your ideal customer and generate more traffic to the website. Once they are there, they can be greeted with a welcome vid.

Increases brand awareness image

8. Increases brand awareness

Increase the amount of times people will see your brand with a video. Videos are great for generating continued brand awareness on platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

YouTube is great when it comes to long term brand awareness. Old videos can still generate hundreds of new views a week creating more brand awareness for your site.

Audiences prefer video to a standard slab of text image

9. Audiences prefer video to a standard slab of text

Do not hide behind a slab of text. Customers want to know who they are talking to. Stand out with a website that is more than a standard website text template.

Videos can be much more interesting to watch than reading a standard text on a website (except this text of course!).

Videos can help your site look more appealing image

10. Videos can help your site look more appealing

Remember, it is important to know why you are making the video. Do you want more brand awareness? More sales? More trust (testimonial videos)? What is your end goal?

There are different forms of video you can use on your site. These include;

Do not go hiring a videographer before reading this image

Do not go hiring a videographer before reading this

Hire a videographer to not just help with brand awareness, but make sure that they can solve your problems, and assist you in achieving your goals.

Do not hire a videographer without a goal or a problem. If you do, you may be making an unwise investment. Just like a house needs a plan, so does your video campaign.

Advice when looking for a video production team

Finding a video production company may seem straightforward, however due to the nature of the product, it all comes down to the experience and the creative expertise. It’s an industry that really requires multiple quotes and proposals before moving forward. One video team will approach the video with a very different solution than the other. Do your research and speak with multiple companies and see what they can offer. See how they would approach your problem and hire according to that solution. Cheaper doesn’t always save you money in the long run.

If you were looking for a recommendation we have worked with Media Group in the past and they have been great.

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That sums up the list

Feel free to share this if it was helpful, or link to it on your blog/website. If you need assistance with any of the above tips, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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